About us

Welcome to the official site of the travel agency Elite Travel d.o.o.

Travel agency Elite Travel d.o.o. located in Sarajevo, ul. Kovači br. 24, near Sebilj, the heart of Baščaršija!

It was founded in 2008 by experienced tourism workers, with the aim to bring more innovative and professional work to the Bosnian market.

The combination of experience, education, ambition, desire and great love for this branch has made us to conclude long-term contracts with renowned partners in the field of catering and tourism, which ultimately produced a decade filled with satisfied customers, both from the domestic and from the foreign markets !

With us the whole world is in your palm! From the distant luxury destinations created for enjoying and relaxing, to the countries in the region with the most affordable prices. The best indicator of our services are satisfied travelers who are returning again to recommend something best for them.

Apart from the organization of various travel arrangements, airline tickets, cruises, wellness packages, seminars and business meetings, ELITE TRAVEL Travel Agency was one of the first agencies to bring tourists from distant Singapore and Melesia into our beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering consulting services for investors from the Arabian Peninsula, and corresponded in the realization of many construction projects!

Our experienced and determined team, full of ambitions and creative ideas, is at your disposal, hoping to fulfill your expectations and justify the indicated confidence that you are traveling with us.

Aware of the responsibilities, but also the beauty that this work brings, we are moving forward with the utmost effort and the desire to satisfy all the demands of our clients, because our greatest success is a satisfied traveler!